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  1. Want a new graphics card on Prime Day? You may have to buy a pre-built PC

    If you were after a new GPU on Prime Day, we have some bad news for you, as you may have to splash out on a new PC instead.
  2. Noctua’s passive cooler can silently handle an Intel Core i9-11900K – but don't overclock it

    This is an impressive achievement, although passively cooling the Rocket Lake flagship comes with a bunch of caveats.
  3. Can’t buy a new GPU? Blame cryptominers, who bought 25% of them

    It’s almost impossible to buy a new GPU at the moment, and we now have proof it’s mainly down to cryptominers.
  4. Faster DDR5 RAM should be in majority of PCs and phones by 2023

    DDR4 memory has its days numbered, and next-gen DDR5 will start to take off from next year.
  5. Best PC controllers 2021: the best game controllers for PC gaming

    When playing PC games, sometimes a mouse and keyboard don’t cut it. That's when the best PC controllers come in.


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