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Tom's Hardware

Tom's Hardware
  1. IBM Announces New and Improved 53-Qubit Quantum Computer

    IBM announced the largest commercially available quantum computer with 53 qubits. It features a new quantum processor design and smaller electronic components.
  2. Intel Core i9-9900KS Will Likely Have a 127W TDP

    Motherboard vendor Asus has listed the Intel Core i9-9900KS with a 127W TDP rating.
  3. Shuffles at Intel as 5G Exec Departs, Volkswagen VP Joins Company

    Intel has promoted two VPs, including Gregory Bryant from the PC group. Cormac Conroy from the company's modem business has resigned.
  4. Intel Core i9-10900X Cascade Lake-X Benchmarks Emerge

    Someone has benchmarked the Core i9-10900X, one of Intel's upcoming Cascade Lake-X processors, with Geekbench 4 today.
  5. You Can Now Buy Focals Smart Glasses From an App

    You can now get fitted for and buy North Focals prescription smart glasses through an iPhone app.


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