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  1. Report suggests Intel is preparing for a price war with AMD

    AMD has had Intel on the back foot now across both the consumer and server market, but the chip giant could be ready to throw money at maintaining market dominance.
  2. Why is Sonos dropping support for older speakers, and does the reason hold up?

    Bad news for some Sonos users as the company announces it will drop support for some of its older speakers, pulling the plug on future updates and setting them on the road to obsolescence.
  3. Amazon Echo Buds: Are these Alexa-enabled wireless earbuds any good?

    My search for the ultimate pair of earbuds continues. After trying out Sony's wireless earbuds, I'm giving Amazon's Echo Buds a turn to enter my ear canals.
  4. Using Google Authenticator? Here's why you should get rid of it

    Google Authenticator is the granddaddy of two-factor authentication apps, but it's old and has some severe downsides.
  5. iPhone owners are making use of iOS 13's location privacy features

    In one survey of location data, 80 percent of users had stopped all background tracking across their devices within six weeks of installing iOS 13.


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