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Gamasutra Console/PC News
  1. Video Game Deep Cuts: In The Sky, The Dungeon Master Reigns

    This week's roundup includes a look at Thatgamecompany's Sky, the rise of the professional dungeon master, and the far-ahead tech of Turok: Dinosaur Hunter on N64, & lots more. ...

  2. After 28 years, cofounder Frank Pearce is leaving Blizzard

    Blizzard Entertainment published a blog post today in which company cofounder Frank Pearce lays out his plan to leave the company after 28 years and "pass the torch to the next generation." ...

  3. A look at The Sims 1 design docs, and a dev's argument for including same-sex romance

    The Sims programmer Don Hopkins has uploaded a smattering of design documents from the development of the influential life simulation game. ...

  4. Tools to manage Stadia's data usage are in the works, says Google

    Andrey Doronichev, Google†™s Director of Product for Stadia, addressed some of the public's concerns in a recent AMA on the upcoming cloud-based game platform. ...

  5. How Satisfactory's network optimizations keep multiplayer factories humming along

    Coffee Stain Studios' Gafgar Davallius reveals how Satisfactory is optimized for multiplayer while "handling a base with over 2000 conveyors, transporting thousands upon thousands of items." ...


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