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Gamasutra Console/PC News
  1. Get a job: Visual Concepts is hiring a Senior Software Engineer in California

    Visual Concepts is looking to hire a Senior Software Engineer. Apply now! ...

  2. Don't Miss: What it took to port Resident Evil 2 to the N64

    Take a look back at what it took to port the original Resident Evil 2 to N64 consoles. ...

  3. Google Stadia, 'beefy laptops' drive Bungie's remote work success

    Google Stadia and 'beefy' development laptops are apparently helping drive Bungie's remote work success. ...

  4. Players host weddings, classes, more in online games during COVID-19 crisis

    As lockdown after lockdown delays or cancels real-life events, players are beginning to host them into online games. ...

  5. Sony says COVID-19 won't impact PS5 launch (yet)

    Though the spread of COVID-19 has dented Sony's profits, the company says it still plans to launch the PS5 on schedule (for now). ...


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