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  1. Steam must allow digital games to be resold, rules French court

    A French court has ruled against Valve at the close of a 2015 case, finding that a number of aspects of Steam aren†™t up to snuff as far as the law is concerned. ...

  2. Apple Arcade's debut heralds the launch of dozens of games on iOS (and Steam?)

    Apple has all at once opened the flood gates to Apple Arcade, its subscription library of semi-exclusive mobile games. Over 70 games launched alongside the platform, still with many more on the way. ...

  3. Video: How to be an effective, high-performance game producer

    In this 2017 GDC session, Gearbox Software's Aaron Thibault shares advice on how producers can work smarter to help game development teams work more efficiently while building trust with each other. ...

  4. Steam Labs rolls out new discoverability experiments

    The boffins over at Steam Labs have provided more details on two new experimental discoverability features heading to Steam. ...

  5. Don't delay: Pitch a talk for GDC 2020's Production Essentials Summit!

    If you're an expert in game production and want to share what you know with your peers, consider submitting a talk to the Production Essentials Summit for GDC 2020 next March! ...


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