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  1. Get a job: Be a Lighting Artist at Insomniac Games

    The team at California-based Insomniac Games are looking for a Lighting Artist responsible for lighting game levels using proprietary lighting tools. Could it be you? ...

  2. Don't Miss: How Game Freak designs the iconic monsters of Pokemon

    In this classic chat Gamasutra speaks to Hironobu Yoshida, the final art supervisor of the 20-person team that designs the creatures that form the core of Nintendo's killer handheld franchise. ...

  3. Video: Insights from the GDC 2019 Narrative Innovation Showcase

    In this 2019 GDC talk a group of creative game makers share stories behind their innovative narrative creations: the ambitions they had, the challenges they faced, the solutions they invented. ...

  4. New Noclip vid offers devs an inside look at how the ESRB works

    Danny O'Dwyer and the team at Noclip published a short documentary today about how the ESRB team works, and it offers a grab bag of insights into how games are evaluated and marketed. ...

  5. Stadia launch includes familiar lineup, one exclusive

    Google has confirmed which games will launch on its cloud-based gaming platform, though it's largely a mix of familiar titles. ...


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