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  1. Minecraft Partner Program Creates Breath Of The Wild's Hyrule Castle

    If you've ever explored Hyrule Castle in Breath of the Wild, you might have wondered what the building looked like before Calamity Ganon destroyed it so thoroughly. There was some hope that some of the game's DLC would be able to show what it looked like, but the DLC came and went without it.

    Now, some Minecraft builders have recreated what they believed it to look like in the block-building game.

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    Users from a Minecraft Partners Program team, an official partner of Microsoft, used promotional footage of Breath of the Wild to try and piece together what the castle would have looked like inside before Ganon. It took thirteen people about two months to recreate the castle brick-by-brick in Minecraft.

    Nintendo highlighted their work in a video released yesterday, which makes me wonder if it's just a little bit of a wink and nudge between Microsoft and Nintendo in their increasing partnership.

  2. Sekiro Gets A Patch Tonight That Calms That Bull

    If you're one of the many still working your way through Sekiro, From Software's recently-released ninja action game, there might be some respite coming for you soon. An update scheduled to go live tonight will make a few changes in the game and attempt to make it easier for players to diversify the way they fight enemies by using more shinobi tools.

    To begin with, the Blazing Bull has been toned down in the new update. The midboss, who appears shortly after the game's first real boss, ended up being a real wall for a lot of players. Up to that point, most enemies you fight are some manner of pragmatic human that acts with some rationality, while the Bull kind of stomps your face in with reckless abandon. The bull's posture and vitality have been "slightly" reduced, so it's not a walk in the park now, but it's a bit more manageable.

    The bulk of the other changes are centered around the shinobi prosthetic. Seemingly From has gotten feedback of players not using ninja tools because they're afraid they'll run out of spirit emblems, so a number of tools have been made more efficient. You'll be spending fewer spirit emblems to use them, because From Software really wants you to use them.

    You'll also find more divine confetti as drops from vanquished foes and information from Anayama the Peddler will decrease in cost post-patch.

    Sekiro is currently available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

  3. Chrono Trigger Voted Best Video Game Of Outgoing Era In Japan

    Chrono Trigger on PC

    Japan's era calendar system is a little difficult to understand, but basically there are periods of years that are designated as eras by Japanese officials and often based on emperors. This is all a gross oversimplification and is not to be used as a source in anyone's book reports. The current era of Japan, the Heisei period, is scheduled to end in just a few days on April 30 after beginning in 1989.

    Accordingly, Japanese magazine Famitsuran a poll with 7000 voters to determine the best game of the Heisei era. Obviously such a poll, despite the massive amount of time it covers, would likely skew to more recent and popular games. While that's true, one game still managed to stand above the rest: Chrono Trigger.

    The historically popular RPG was released in 1995 for the Super Nintendo as part of a dream team collaboration between some of the genre's biggest names. The development staff included Hironobu Sakaguchi, Akira Toriyama, Yuji Horii, Nobuo Uematsu, and staff that would go on to craft a number of other beloved RPGs afterward. It is commonly brought up as one of the best RPGs of all time — heck, we put it at number 3.

    Following behind Chrono Trigger were The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Nier: Automata rounding out third place. 

    How do you feel about their decision-making here? Agree? Hard disagree? Let us know below in the comments.

    [Source: Famitsu]

  4. NetherRealm Studios Plans To Adjust Balance And Rewards In Mortal Kombat 11

    With Mortal Kombat 11's review embargo ending today, some fans have been expressing concern over the single-player's progression toward rewards. Getting cosmetic items in the game is said to be difficult with the current ratio of time to rewards, as you will seemingly not get enough currency in-game to spend on anything worthwhile. We took a look at the game's monetization earlier today.

    In today's Kombat Kast, NetherRealm Studios has noted this problem and say they plan to fix it.

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    The change will come from a behind-the-scenes tweak that the studio can do in the background, adjusting values of what you get, rather than in a full patch. A patch requires a much bigger list of tasks bundled together, so you won't seen an update notification fixing the values, it will just be different one day.

    It is unclear if this will be happening before the game's launch or not.

    We're still working on our Mortal Kombat 11 review, so you can read initial thoughts here. We also played a bit of the game live on New Gameplay Today and experimented with what the game allows you to do online and offline.

  5. Spectator Throws A Dead Crab At Top Super Smash Bros. Player

    Imagine this: you are one of the most prominent Super Smash Bros. Melee players in the world. You're on stage, playing your heart out against another one of the most prominent Melee players in the world, and you ultimately attain victory. Then you almost get hit with a crab out of nowhere.

    That's exactly what happened to Juan “Hungrybox” DeBiedma during a match last night at fighting game event Pulse. DeBiedma, who represents the esports organization Team Liquid, was squaring off against Joseph “Mango” Marquez, who represents Cloud9. Ultimately, DeBiedma was able to climb his way up from the loser's bracket and clinch victory in the grand finals from Marquez in a tense match.

    That's when a crab flew past him.

    While the crab did not actually hit DeBiedma, he did see it go by, and it was pretty clearly meant for him. He picked the crab up and yelled at the audience for throwing it in anger. He later took to Twitter to apologize for losing his temper.

    Pulse organizers also issued a statement saying that the person who threw the crab, who they have identified, will be banned from the tournament and they will be informing other tournament organizers about it. They do not have plans to release his name publicly. 

    DeBiedman is a controversial figure in the competitive Smash Bros. community. Being one of the most dominant Melee players in the world, a lot of fans dislike the way he plays and his reliance on using Jigglypuff. From his Twitter account, DeBiedman sometimes lashes out at these criticisms, which often venture into the realm of outright harassment against him, and have seemingly escalated into smuggling in crabs to throw at him.

    It is not clear what kind of crab was thrown, but a Red King crab can weight six to ten pounds.


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