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  1. Red Dead Redemption 2 Online--The Gator Hat And More Clothing Items Have Returned

    Limited time clothing items return in this week’s Red Dead Redemption 2 Online update, with some big bonuses and discounts on in-game items included.

    The following limited time release clothing items will be available in general stores in-game until April 13:

    • Gator Hat
    • Squat Stovepipe Top Hat
    • Winter Shotgun Coat
    • Benbow Jacket
    • Ortega Vest
    • Tied Pants
    • Strickland Boots
    • Calhoun Boots
    • Vaquero Baroque Spurs

    Along with the re-release of various clothing items to the Wheeler, Rawson & Co. catalogue, an all-new scoring system for kills has been implemented. The new update will reward players for more difficult or trickier kills with more points. All new volatile weapon loadouts, point values, and more explosions have been added, so head over to Fort Mercer, Heartlands Oil Field, and Tall Trees to rack up some serious points.

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  2. Sonic The Hedgehog--Watch A PS2-Quality Deleted Scene Of Baby Sonic

    Sonic the Hedgehog ended up being a good-looking movie thanks to a significant character redesign for the blue blur, but it's hard to forget the haunted eyes and human teeth of the original design. But now a deleted scene from the film has reminded us of just how iterative a process it is creating a CGI film like this--and at a certain point in production, every scene in the film is going to look awful.

    To promote the film's early digital release (it's available now), Paramount has shown off an early version of a scene where Sonic arrives on earth, alongside his owl companion Longclaw. Sonic, still a baby, is warned to keep a low profile--and he immediately runs off.

    The scene itself isn't anything remarkable, but the extremely early CGI renders of Sonic, Longclaw, and their environment are haunting. While the character models improve dramatically towards the end, this video also gives us some insight into what a bad PS2 tie-in game might have looked like. Check them out below.

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  3. Persona 5 Royal: Crossword Puzzle Answers Guide

    One small feature added to Persona 5 Royal is a series of crossword puzzles. Throughout the course of P5R's year, you'll find a book on the table furthest from the entrance door in Leblanc. Interact with the book and you'll then be prompted to solve a crossword. If you're successful in figuring it out, you'll be rewarded with one knowledge point for free, and it's worth doing because it doesn't consume any in-game time.

    Note that when you initiate a crossword puzzle, you only need to solve for the line that's highlighted in blue. All other words around it serve as hints by letting you whittle down the number of letters you have left to work with or fill certain letter for the line in blue.

    So, here are the solutions for the crossword puzzles we've found in P5R (note that there be more we have yet to discover).

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  4. Last Week Tonight Sees Huge Ratings For COVID-19 Episode That Was Filmed From John Oliver's Home

    Ratings for HBO's Last Week Tonight with John Oliver are surging. The network has confirmed that Oliver's show reached a season-high for viewership for its March 30 episode.

    The new episode drew 973,000 viewers on live TV at 11 PM, and a total of 1.2 million by the end of the evening, according to Deadline. That was the highest viewership for the program since the episode that followed the Game of Thrones series finale in May 2019.

    Viewership for the episode is expected to grow further. HBO pointed out that the current season of Last Week Tonight is averaging 4.5 million viewers when all platforms are factored in.

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  5. Atari Is Turning Pong Into An RPG Called Pong Quest

    2020 is barely three months in, and it has hit the world with a nonstop stream of surprises, both good and bad. In this perilous time of unpredictability, Atari delivers another haymaker with Pong Quest.

    Pong Quest puts the player in the role of what could be the first-ever video game hero, the paddle from Pong, in an epic quest through themed worlds based on classic Atari titles. Players will be able to customize their paddle as they take on the main adventure, multiplayer modes, and a treasure trove of game modes.

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