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Latest Articles From PC Mag
  1. Rockstar Offers GTA: San Andreas for Free With Games Launcher

    Downloading the new Rockstar Games Launcher for Windows gets you a free copy of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas for a limited time.
  2. Can Apple Compete in Gaming? Hands On With Apple Arcade

    Apple's $4.99 per month game service launches this week and will offer more than 100 new and exclusive titles for both casual commuters and hardcore gamers. We got a sneak peek and played some games.
  3. Nintendo Sues for Game Piracy

    The legal action represents Nintendo's latest attempt to crack down on ROM sites, which offer unauthorized copies of the company's games.
  4. KFC Creates PC Game Where You Date an Anime Colonel Sanders

    'Yes, this is a real game!' a KFC spokesperson told PCMag in an email. The game is built like an anime-style visual novel, and will let you romance KFC's mascot.
  5. EA Kicks Off Free Trials of Cloud Gaming Service for PC Users

    The public trial lasts for two weeks. Invited test players will be able to stream games including FIFA 19, Titanfall 2, Need for Speed Rivals and Unravel, over an internet connection without the need to worry about the expensive gaming hardware.


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