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  1. Windows 10 Free Space Bug Sends Huge Amount of Garbage Gigabytes: How to Fix It? Windows 10X Allegedly Canceled

    Some rumors claim Windows 10 suffers from a free space bug. Here's how to fix it. Will Windows 10X still arrive?
  2. Jay-Z Joins Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey's Board of Directors for Company 'Square'

    Jay-Z is the latest board of directors of Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey's popular cash app called Square.
  3. Tinder Vibes Feature Brings New In-App Experience: How to Use It? Accessing Safety Tools

    Tinder will now enhance your app experience. Here's how its new Vibes feature works.
  4. OnePlus Launches Clipt, a Cross-Platform Clipboard Sharing Tool That Makes Transferring of Texts, Images, and Files Easier

    Users who need to transfer images, text, and files from one platform to another can use Clipt. The new platform makes it faster and easier to transfer data.
  5. LiveLeak, a Video Site Known For its Inappropriate Content, Has Shut Down After 15 Years of Operation

    With the world slowly changing and the internet being cautious of what is posted online, LiveLeak was forced to shut down.


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