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  1. How to find files in macOS using the Leap, Fresh, and Yep apps

    Ironic Software's trio of search tools are designed to make it easier to find files on a Mac. But how do they work? Erik Eckel takes a look.
  2. Open source may be the future, but very few are writing it

    Contributing to open source gives developers and companies big advantages, but that’s not translating into broad involvement.
  3. The five best Linux desktop distributions

    Jack Wallen lays out his top five desktop distributions, each of which would be a great choice to serve as any users' desktop.
  4. How to delete the Windows 10 paging file on every shutdown

    A simple tweak of the Windows 10 Registry file can eliminate one often overlooked security concern.
  5. How to access and organize files faster in G Suite using Priority and Workspaces

    Google Drive Priority suggests a short list of files you might find useful, while Workspaces lets you gather files from across Drive for fast access.


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