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  1. How to use built-in design settings to quickly format an Office document

    You can spend a long time formatting a Word or Excel document to get just the look you want, or you can create a custom style set and click an option. You'll choose the latter once you give it a try.
  2. Office Q&A: How to remove page numbers from a table of contents in a Word document

    You can use built-in options to build a simple table of contents, but quite often, you'll need to change the underlying field code to get the results you want.
  3. Apple iOS 13: A cheat sheet

    iOS 13 ushers in new enhancements for iPhone and iPad, including dark mode, revamped built-in apps, and industry-changing privacy features.
  4. 10 most popular programming languages: Rise of TypeScript

    The popularity of JavaScript has led Typescript to become a more popular coding language, according to RedMonk.
  5. How to configure Back in Time to back up over SSH

    Need to back up data to a remote, SSH-enabled server? Try Back In Time.


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